June Week 3 Prompt – Napkin

This week’s prompt challenges you to use a napkin or napkins on your journal page. You can use napkins as a patterned background, or a picture off one as a focal element on the page. If you don’t have printed napkins, you can use printed tissue paper…or just use plain napkins as a textural element on your page.

June Week 3 Peta's Page June Week 3 Gina's Dylusions Page  June Week 3 Gina's IcadIMG_2085


4 thoughts on “June Week 3 Prompt – Napkin

  1. dianahaynwilliams says:

    I really liked the napkin project, but can Peta please make sure she doesn’t cut off the bottom of her work when filming? I don’t normally complain, but it was driving me nuts because I couldn’t see some of what she was doing. Great class and other than that I really enjoyed it.

    • krazyis says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! Peta has a new camera now, so things should be much better in the future. I will mention this to her though. Thanks so much for subscribing :D.

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