November Week 4 Prompt – Letter to Yourself at 16

This week we challenge you to dig down real deep and write a letter to yourself at 16. I’m sure we all can remember that turbulent time in our lives when were trying to make that transition from teenager to young adult. What advice would you wish to go back and give your younger self? Gina and I both hid our personal letters beneath the layers of the page with little bits peaking out, and wrote our less personal notes as the journaling on top. Peta incorporates a pocket on her page to slip her letter into and shows you how to freehand an awesome rustic portrait onto a gorgeous multi-layered background.

Aug Week 4 PetaNov Week 4 Gina's letter to self dylusionsNov Week 4 Gina's letter to self icadNov Week 4 Claudia


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