Feb Week 2 Prompt – Inner Critic

IMG_2695 copy

Feb Week 2 Prompt – Inner Critic
This week’s lesson from Peta is all about dealing with your inner critic which includes a fab lesson on drawing a girl in profile. Gina and I both wrote our inner critic’s words and then negated them with pretty stuff on top and positive, reaffirming text. Folks are still signing up to join JKIS, so it’s not too late if you want to jump in with us!
Use the links below to login or sign up:

Peta Thompson  febwk2peta inner critic   febwk2petaartcard


Gina Ahrens   feb2015wk2ginadylusions    feb2015wk2ginaicad

Claudia Rossi  Feb wk2 inner critic Claudia


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