Feb Week 3 Prompt – Black and White

IMG_2695 copy

Prompt is out early this week because I have a super busy day tomorrow…so yay for you!
This week’s prompt is super fun. Working in black and white can either be very easy (no colors to get wrong) or very challenging when creating something like Gina’s sunset. In this week’s lesson she teaches you how to break down a source photo image into it’s basic shapes to create an awesome abstract painterly journal page. Peta created a cool zentangle, drippy page while I played with layering and different media. Hope you like!
Use the links below to login or sign up:

Gina Ahrens  Feb wk 3 blk-wht Ginas dylusions   Feb wk3 blk-wht Ginas icad

Peta Thompson  Feb wk 3 peta black n white    Feb wk 3 artcard petablacknwhite

Claudia Rossi  Feb wk 3 black and white CR


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