March Week 2 Prompt – Practice Makes Perfect

IMG_2695 copy

I’m releasing the prompt early since I’m packing like crazy tomorrow. This week we encourage you to practice, practice, practice. Not everyone is a ‘natural born’ artist. We all have creativity inside of us, but we don’t necessarily have the skills to produce the ideas that are inside of our heads. Most of us have to practice A LOT to gain the skill and muscle memory in our hands to put our imagination on paper or canvas. So don’t give up and keep creating. Each and every piece of art you make that you are not thrilled with is a stepping stone to being able to make art that you love. So don’t give up, and keep practicing!
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Gina Ahrens  JKIS March 2015 wk2 Gina dylusions   JKIS March 2015 wk2 Gina Icad

Peta Thompson  marwk2petapractice    marchwk2peta artcard

Claudia Rossi  Mar wk2 practice CR


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