March Week 3 – Nature’s Stripes & Patterns

IMG_2695 copy

March Week 3 Prompt – Nature’s Stripes & Patterns
This week we encourage you to look to nature for inspiration, specifically the stripes or patterns that can be found in nature. Both Gina​ and I both used popular animal prints in our pages to make them fun. Peta​ used the gorgeous patterns of butterfly wings on her page, and in this week’s lesson shows you how to create incredible, ethereal fairy wings using an unconventional material. She also teaches how to draw an away facing girl and paint rope twisted hair. Yup, this week’s lesson is chock full of awesome instructional goodness :D.
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Peta Thompson   marwk3peta final   marwk3petaartcard

Gina Ahrens  March 2015 wk3 Gina dylusions March 2015 wk3 Gina Icad

Claudia Rossi   Mar wk3 natures patterns CR


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