New (late) Freedom Journal Friday Video

Ok, Freedom Journal Friday vid is finally up. I’m so sorry for the delay. Yesterday was crazy, even into the night with a graduation party for the daughter of some close friends. Then YouTube rejected my video and I had to upload all over…arrrgghh! But better late than never right??? I hope so.


2 thoughts on “New (late) Freedom Journal Friday Video

  1. vickiross says:

    Nice demo! My big worry with the new dylusions paint is the amount of time the paint surface is exposed to air while uncapped. Stands to reason it would dry out some each time.

    • krazyis says:

      Yes, that is definitely a concern. I’ve heard it recommended to spritz a little water into the jars if they are left open for a while to replace the water that evaporates. I haven’t had mine long enough to know for sure if this is necessary or if it works to keep the paints nice and fluid.

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