June Week 4 Prompt – Le Visage

IMG_2695 copy 3

June Week 4 Prompt – Le Visage
Things are a little different this week, as we are starting a little mini-series of lessons that focus on creating a face…in each of our different styles. This week we focus on drawing the face. There is a short lesson from each instructor showing how we draw a face, and Gina even did a boy! We encourage you to start three separate journal pages, follow along with our lessons, and at the end you will have three completed pages. We have split these up to fall the fourth week of the months June, July, and August. We’ve separated them so you have time to practice any new skills you are trying to learn before moving on to a final journal page. We will finish up this series the fifth week of August with instructor interviews where we will discuss with you our beginnings, influences, and more in regards to creating faces.
Use the links below to sign up or login:

Peta Thompson   June wk 4 face Peta

Claudia Rossi   June Wk 4 Le Visage CR pic

Gina Ahrens   june2015 wk4 dylusions    june2015 wk4 icad


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