July Week 2 Prompt – The Chains That Bind

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July Week 2 Prompt – The Chains That Bind
This week we encourage you to take some time to think about the things that might be holding you back…whether creatively or in life in general. What are the chains that bind YOU? We all have something, or many somethings, that hold us back from achieving all that we want to achieve. Take some time this week to explore what those things are…and give these things a voice for a moment in your art. These roadblocks to our happiness may still be there, but by calling them out by name we are able to take away some of their power over us. I hope that this week, at least in a some small way, you take ahold of something that has power over you and break that chain…then move on to the next and the next until you are free!!
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Claudia Rossi  July Wk2 Chains that Bind CR

Peta Thomspn  julywk2 peta chains

Gina Ahrens  jkis 2015 July wk2  Ginas Dylusions the chains that bind  jkis 2015 July wk2  Ginas icad the chains that bind


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