Oct Week 1 Prompt – Spare Parts

IMG_2695 copy 3

Oct Week 1 – Spare Parts
This weeks starts off our month of Halloween themed prompts. Don’t worry, we’re not getting all creepy on you…well, maybe a little creepy. But we’re keeping it fun and light and not running head first into the dark side grin emoticon. I love Halloween, but I stick to the fun, candy filled part of it all. And I love just a little creep in my journal pages sometimes. This week’s prompt had me thinking of some book cover art that I took my inspiration from…yes I read books about zombies lol. And I love Gina and Peta’s collage filled pages; this prompt really works well with collage. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!
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Claudia Rossi   Oct Wk1 Spare Parts CR

Peta Thompson octwk1peta

Gina Ahrens jkis-2015-oct-wk1-gina dylusions-spare parts  jkis-2015-oct-wk1-gina icad-spare parts


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