Nov Week 1 Prompt – Pay it Forward

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Nov Week 1 – Pay it Forward (read to the bottom for video link)
This week we want to encourage you to be a blessing to others with your art. We hopefully have all been touched by someone who has done something unexpectedly kind or generous. This week, let’s pay it forward! We have decided to include Krazy Island Family members in our Pay it Forward plans. We have each created some hand-painted postcards that we will be sending to random KIF and JKIS members this week. If you are not a KIF member, you can join us here Krazy Island Family. For our journal pages, Peta and Gina have both incorporated happy mail they have received, and I made a page that started from excess paint from creating my postcards. Hopefully this week you can find time to create something or put together a few RAK’s (random acts of kindness) to send to other members or friends or family. Peta has created a video explaining all about it that she has uploaded directly to the group page. Below is a link where you can access it directly. I hope many of you will join us this week in doing something to pay it forward. Oh, and if you haven’t already, please make sure your current address is in the proper happy mail list in the Files tab at the top of the KIF page. We have one for US and another for International members. Have a great week!

Video link:

Use these links to sign up or login:

Peta Thompson  novwk1 peta pay it forward  novwk1 peta postcard

Gina Ahrens  jkis-nov 2015-wk 1-pay it forward-ginas dylusions  jkis-nov 2015-wk 1-pay it forward-ginas icad

Claudia Rossi  Nov Wk1 Pay it Forward CR    Nov Wk1 Postcards CR


One thought on “Nov Week 1 Prompt – Pay it Forward

  1. Lorrie Yeager says:

    Due to health issues and doctor bills I have to cut back for a while, please cancel my subscription . I have enjoyed all my classes and I have learned so much and enjoyed being a part of family. Thanks, Lorrie Yeager.

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