Nov Week2 Prompt – Nature Inspired

IMG_2695 copy 3

Nov Week 2 – Nature Inspired
This week we want you to create something inspired by nature. For some of you, like me, it might be easy to walk outside and be inspired by greenery and flowers and clear blue skies. I actually pulled leaves from some of my yard plants to put directly on my page. Others, like Gina and Peta, may have to see the beauty in dead or dying foliage and fall colors. Whatever the season, go outside this week and find inspiration in nature. Collect some specimens, paint the leafless tree in your yard or the sky, whether blue or grey…find the beauty in whatever you find.
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Claudia Rossi   Nov Wk2 Nature Insp CR

Gina Ahrensjkis-nov 2015-wk 2-nature inspired-ginas dylusions  jkis-nov 2015-wk 2-nature Inspired-ginas icad

Peta Thompson   nov wk2 peta nature inspired


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