JKIS 2017 Registration is open with Early Bird savings if purchased before Jan-1!

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Journaling Krazy Island Style 2017 Registration is now open…and this year I’ve lowered the price again! Use coupon code EARLY2017 to save $30 if you register before Jan-1 and pay in full. See below if you need a payment plan.


FREE STUFF!!! I am offering each of you (and any of your friends) who checks out JKIS 2017 access to a FREE FULL-LENGTH LESSON!!!  That’s right…I want you to get as excited about JKIS 2017 as I am, so I’m going to let you check it out for free! To access the free lesson, just head on over to JKIS 2017 and sign up for the free trial.



Payment plans are also available at $10/month or $30/quarterly…simply email me at krazyislandstudios@gmail.com with your PayPal email address and which payment plan you’d like to set up and I will send you more information. This year everyone who purchases, whether paid in full or in payments, will have the ability to download and keep all of the lessons FOREVER!

Because I want you all to be ready to create beautiful girls with me, I am giving everyone who joins JKIS2017 my basic face drawing/painting course You Can Draw, Shade and Paint a Mixed Media Girl completely free.

Exactly what is Journaling Krazy Island Style?

This year in Journaling Krazy Island Style, I will be your instructor for every lesson. I will show you start-to-finish how I create my journal pages. You can then create your own interpretation of the page or copy it exactly. Especially if you are newer to art journaling, or art making in general, I encourage you to recreate the lessons to help you learn the techniques and then move on to mixing them up in your own style. If you are a seasoned art journaler, sometimes recreating the lesson is a challenge all its’ own. I work hard to make sure JKIS will be fun and informative to those at all stages of their artistic journeys. I provide a list of suggested materials to have on hand when starting the course, but don’t worry if you don’t have every single product. I will suggest substitutions as often as I can and as always I encourage you to “use what you have”.

IMG_2005 - Version 2   Aug Wk4 Finition le Visage CR   Aug wk2 learn your letters CR   Sept Wk1 Charcoal CR

You will learn how to use different mediums like watercolor, markers, water-soluble crayons and pencils, stamps, acrylics, inks, sprays and more. I will show you techniques that you can use to create pages just like mine plus build upon them to grow in your own art making adventure. I will be working in both large and small journals this year, mixing it up a bit. So, what will you get each month? Check out this video for details, or scroll down for the written list…


You will get 50 weeks of content following the schedule below:

1st of Every Month

  • Newsletter style PDF containing the theme for the month, my musings and thoughts on the theme, why I chose it and what I hope we get out of our practice during the month. The newsletter will also include some of my favorite quotes and power words that go along with the theme, possibly a challenge to use certain colors or mediums that month, room for notes and possibly page planning

1st Sunday of Every Month

  • Full length art journal lesson in a larger art journal
  • Materials List with substitutions added
  • My updated Amazon store to help you find materials I use

2nd Sunday of Every Month

  • Inspiration Stick 10 prompt challenge PDF with instructions
  • Occasional time-lapse video of my challenge journal page

3rd Sunday of Every Month

  • Full length art journal lesson in a smaller art journal
  • Materials List with substitutions added
  • My updated Amazon store to help you find materials I use

4th Sunday of Every Month

  • Writing prompt (I am encouraging a writing practice for us this year)
  • Vlog (or written) ramblings / wrap-up of how my month has gone, what challenges or successes I’ve had in my art practice, and anything else I feel like sharing with you.

5th Sunday of the Month (if applies)

  • I’m leaving this up-in-the-air so that I can have the freedom to choose anything that I think might be fun for us to do together, but you will get something on these weeks

jkis2016-wk14-strength-cr   IMG_4558   JKIS2016 Wk22 human form CR

JKIS (Journaling Krazy Island Style) will start on January 1st, but you can register now to start accessing all the free content! It’s only $100 for the entire year with me…plus you can save $30 if you register before Jan-1 and use coupon code EARLY2017!

JKIS2016 Wk31 Adventure Starts at Home CR   jkis2016-wk40-spooktacular-cr1   July Wk1 Fairies in the Garden JKIS CR   Sept Wk4 Checkers CR

JKIS has its own Facebook group! Yep, that’s right…the JKIS Facebook group is only available to members of JKIS and is a fantastic place where you can not only post photos of your completed pages, but contact me and receive help along the way. In this private group you can ask detailed questions and even get help on works-in-progress.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.54.18 PM

Another feature available on all of my courses at KIU is the discussions area. This is a place right within each course that you can contact me, ask questions and get answers quickly. I’m so excited to offer both these options to reach me and I can’t wait to get more involved with each of my students and help you on your journey!

I hope to see you in JKIS 2017!



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