May Week 4 Prompt – No Brushes Allowed

IMG_2695 copy 3

May Week 4 – No Brushes Allowed
This week we challenge you to create a journal page without using any brushes. There are so many, many ways you can accomplish this…mark making tools, catalyst tools, paint pens, sprays, crayons, pencils, and of course your fingers. I taught the lesson this week and went with a fun journal page and showed how to do some typical techniques without brushes. This is one of weeks I wish we could have all taught the lesson because Gina and Peta’s pages…just wow! They created true works of art in their journals this week. Hope y’all have loads of fun creating without brushes this week.
Use the links below to signup or login:

Claudia Rossi  May wk4 no brushes CR

Gina Ahrens  jkis 2015 may wk4  ginas dylusions jkis 2015 may wk4  ginas icad

Peta Thompson   maywk4 peta no brushes


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