JKIS 2016 Wk11 – Celebrating You


JKIS 2016 Week 11 – Celebrating You (by Gina Bronzini Ahrens)
This week’s lesson is so exciting to me! Gina’s focus is on the practice of celebrating you, not just accepting yourself, but actually celebrating you…all of you…every last bit of you…even the parts you don’t like. I love that the focus is not just on accepting, but actually learning to celebrate and embrace everything about yourself. I believe we can accomplish so much more in life if we just learn not to be so hard on ourselves. On the technical side, she’s teaching you how to cut a stencil from a photo of yourself. How cool is that??? A stencil of your own face! I’m kind of crazy excited about that part, can you tell?
Don’t forget, we welcome your questions and we’re here to help you…just post questions here or email your instructor. If you haven’t signed up for JKIS yet, it’s not to late to join in on all the fun and great instruction we have in store for you this year!
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